Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Favorites

  November is coming to a close, which means the holiday season is upon us! I am such a corny holiday person.  I love the music, the decorations, the movies and the food.  I love shopping for the perfect presents and then wrapping them horribly.  I can't wait to go pick out my Christmas tree!

  Anyway..November was a month with out a lot of experimentation for me, so my favorites are pretty minimal.  Here they are!

 Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask- I've had this sleep mask for a while, and it used to contain a ice/hot packet, but I lost it along the way.  Now I just use it on the weekends.  My internal clock wakes me up at around 8 am on the weekends, so when I wake up I slip this baby on and head back to sleep.  Not the cutest sleep mask out there, but it does the job.

Melt Massage Bar in Lickin' the Beaters-  I bought this a few summers ago at the Melt store in Provincetown.  I just started really using it this fall and I LOVE it.  This is by the far the best cake scented product I've ever tried and it's super moisturizing.

White Barn Candle in Marshmallow Fireside- This smell is just delicious! It's a bit of a manly scent and it's very cozy and soothing.  I've been hooked on White Barn/Slatkin & Co candles for the past few months.

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume- My friend Celia gave me a box of mini Ralph Lauren perfumes.  I've tried them all, but this Romance perfume is by far my favorite.  It's very subtle and romantic.  A big departure from my sweet and food scented sprays and perfumes.

Costco Set Crease Eye Brush- This brush was part of the Kirkland Christmas brush set from Coscto last year.  I didn't like it that much as a crease brush, but I wanted to find a way to make it work.  This works as a great concealer brush with my Glamouflage concealer.  I swirl it in small circles and the product blends seamlessly into my skin.

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet- I've found myself reaching for darker colors this fall, and this is definitely one of my favorites.  It's a subtle take on a red lip and really helps brighten up my super pale skin.

ELF Lip and Eye Color from ELF's Evil Everyday Eyes Cruella Set- Last week I wanted to do a red lip, but I couldn't find the one red lip liner I thought I had.  I remembered seeing one in this set that my Tammy sent me and decided to try it out.  I was actually really impressed with the color and staying power.  It is a bit on the drying side though, so make sure to heavily exfoliate and moisturize your lips!

What have your favorite products of November been?

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