Thursday, November 1, 2012

TIp Thursday: Perfect Bangs Every TIme

I've had side bangs for quite a while now and my bangs are actually the curliest part of my hair so I find it difficult to style them properly.  This summer I got my hair done for a wedding and the stylist put my bangs onto a velcro roller and it gave my side fringe the perfect swoop and movement.  I've been using this method ever since!

My routine: Before doing my make up I flat iron just my bangs and while the hair is still hot roll, I roll my fringe backwards onto a jumbo velcro roller.  I let the hair cool while doing my make up.  Prior to removing the roller spritz the bangs with a flexible hold hair spray, unravel and voila! Perfect side swept bangs.

1 comment:

Heidi-likes said...

I have a cow lick so can't have bangs :( but your are amazing, i'm definitely a little jealous! x

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