Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013: Bring It On!

 I can't believe 2012 is coming to an end.  It's personally a year that has brought me a lot of challenges that I didn't think I'd be facing.  I found myself single again, living at home again, and considering a career change.  However, 2012 brought me a lot of amazing stuff too- it brought me an amazing group of friends that got me through  some difficult times and a sense of personal worth that I've never really had before.

However, there are plenty of things I still have to work on and isn't that where resolutions come into play?  Here are my 2013 resolutions!


♥ Work with more matte shadows- Matte eyeshadows seem to be taking over lately and I think as I get older and wrinkles may appear, I'll be glad to wear more matte eyeshadows.  They seem to be more easily accessible in a variety of price ranges also.

♥ Learn to contour- I hate my face shape! I have zero cheekbones and a rather large chin so I'm dying to learn how to properly contour.

♥ Work in more color- I've started to take some dares when it comes to lip color, but I'm still pretty safe with eyeshadow colors, liner colors and even blush colors.  If I can't be daring now, when can I be?

♥ Find the best bangs for my face shape- I hate my forehead, well I call it a "five head", so I'm one who NEEDS bangs.  I always request side bangs, but they never come out just right.  I need to find a great hair stylist and get the perfect bangs cut and then maintain them.


♥ Dress more professionally- I'm a teaching assistant so I'm happy I don't have to wear dress pants and heels to work everyday.  However, I feel like as I look for a new job, I'm not going to get away with wearing skinny jeans to work everyday.  I need to purchase some more professional looking ensembles.

♥ Thrift more- My family has been thrift store shopping for as long as I can remember, but I never really took it seriously.  Now, seeing all of the amazing pieces that bloggers have been able to thrift has really piqued my thrifting interest.  Unfortunately, my area doesn't have a lot of thrift stores but I do live 20 minutes from NYC so I want to begin thrifting and seeing what treasures I can discover.

♥ Master arm candy- I know the arm candy trend might have it hit its peak a few months ago, but I'm still obsessed with it and really want to give it a try.  I have quite a collection of bracelets, so I want to play around with different stacking combinations to really add visual interest to an otherwise boring outfit.


♥ Learn how to eat- This sounds ridiculous, but I swear I do not know how to eat like a grown up.  My favorite foods are reeses and chicken fingers.  What 27 year old woman says that?  I'm thinking of purchasing the Tone It Up Plan because I really need to learn how to eat to fuel my body and not just make me temporarily happy.

♥ Sweat everyday- I've seen this meme going around Pinterest, and it's so damn simple!  I don't have a lot to do when I get home from work so instead of spending hours on blogs and Youtube it's time to get my ass up and move.  I'm only getting older and my metabolism is only getting slower, so I need to help it along!

♥ Start a journal- Yes, maybe I've been watching Bridget Jones' Diary too much lately, but I love the idea of keeping a journal and it's been years since I've written one.  I think it's so important for our mental health to get everything off your chest and writing it is just so therapeutic.


♥ Find my dream career and get it!- Unfortunately, I am very unhappy at my job now and I don't think education is the career field for me.  This is super upsetting to me as it's something I'm very passionate about it, but I just can't pretend that it makes me happy anymore.  So this year is going to include a lot of soul searching, researching and resume writing to try to find a career path that makes me happy and pays the bills.

♥ Perform Random Acts of Kindness- I've really been inspired by the 26 Acts of Kindness trend that has been going around in light of the Newtown Tragedy.  Why not perform random acts of kindness every chance we get?  My change will just get lost in my purse so why not leave it for the next person at the parking meter, or how much does a pair of gloves and a hat cost for someone in need?  I've really been inspired by this movement and it's motivated me to just be a kinder and better person overall.

♥ Call/write my friends once a week- I have a lot of friends from college who live all over the north east, I also have plenty of friends who live around me who I don't talk to enough.  It's time to use this amazing invention called a cell phone and call them or get even more personal and write them a beautiful hand written letter.

♥ Try new things- I am a complete creature of habit.  Actually, I would say I'm boring at times.  It's time I start trying new things.  Even if it's just trying a new restaurant or going to a different bar for happy hour, it's time to break out of my routine.  I also want to take sewing classes, as nerdy as that sounds.  Again, I'm a single woman with no children, if I don't do these things now, I never will.

I'd love to know what your New Year's Resolutions are? Also, any tips to stick to them? I usually make it to about my birthday (January 15th) and everything goes out the window.

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