Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gift Guide 2012: Best of DIY

  A few of my friends and I are having a "Pinterest Christmas", meaning handmade gifts only!  I think that's such a great idea to do amongst your friends or even your family because these gifts are truly from the heart.

Here are some of my favorite DIY gift ideas from Pinterest:

Word Bookends- Love this for the reader in your life! Buy the large craft store letters, paint them up, hot glue them together and voila! Instant book ends!

Glitter Candles- I'm a fan of glitter anything- but glitter candles is such a beautiful gift and also super simple to do!

Instagram Collage- I love this idea! It's super adorable and super cheap.  Grab some of your friends' Instagram pics and turn them into an amazing collage-pretty and personal!

Homemade Lotion Bars-  This is a super easy recipe to make homemade lotion bars a la Lush, but any homemade spa product would be a great DIY gift to make someone.  Some of the recipes are surprisingly easy.

Post It Memo Pad- This is a great little stocking stuffer or even a gift for a coworker!  These are great for anyone who works in an office or someone who is constantly writing stuff down to remember it like I do!

Pinterest is obviously full of TONS of project tutorials.  I just wanted to post a few that don't require an insane amount of DIY skill or a lot of materials.  

Are any of you making any of your gifts this year? I'll post a few of mine AFTER  I give them out!

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