Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Only two more days until Christmas and you're not done shopping yet? Here's some last minute gift ideas to prevent you from showing up to that holiday party empty handed!

* Gift Cards and E-Gift Cards

Gift cards are the easiest gift to get for someone, although not the most personal.  Try getting a gift card to a store/restaurant/activity that is not a necessity for the person.  Meaning, don't get a grocery store gift card when you can buy them a gift card for the movies.  I personally feel like gifts should be something the person won't buy themselves, so don't get them broccoli when you can get them a sweater!

* Magazine subscription

Head to the drugstore or bookstore and pick up a copy of a magazine and sign your recipient up for a gift subscription.  Then you can wrap the magazine and put in a little notice that they will be receiving that magazine every month.


Liquor stores are guaranteed to be open the next two days, so why not get a nice bottle of booze (if you are of age!).  Slap a pretty ribbon on the bottle and voila- instant gift!

*Picture Collage

Drugstores are another store that may not be as packed as all of the department stores out there and you can make a beautiful photo collage if they have a kodak machine in it.  You can pick pretty backgrounds, frames and fonts and make a beautiful personalized photo collage.  You can probably pick up a basic frame right in the store also!

* Drugstore Makeup Gift

I love watching Emily Noel on Youtube and last year she did a great gift video on making a drugstore makeup kit for Christmas and this year she did a drugstore stocking stuffer video.  If you have a makeup lover in your life put together a little cosmetics bag of the most popular drugstore items and you have an instant gift.

Do you have a go to last minute gift idea? I'd love to add more ideas to my repertoire.

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