Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My New Shopping Obsession

  I feel like online shopping has just been flooded lately with daily deal and monthly subscription sites.  There are so many great sites to choose from, but I don't think I've seen any beauty/fashion blogger or vlogger rave about the two sites that I've recently become obsessed with!

Very Jane

Both Very Jane and Groop Dealz work in similar ways.  They work with independent sellers to bring you really fantastic deals on items for usually a span of three days.  

I like to think of these sites as an Etsy like daily deal site.  The items range from accessories, home decor, holiday items to every now and then some pieces of clothing.

The prices are fantastic and even the shipping prices are amazing.  This site is especially great if you like popular jewelry pieces like the J Crew inspired bubble necklace or J Crew inspired gold pave bracelet.  These are frequent items!

While I've ordered quite a few items from both sites and have been pleased with everything- I do have one word of warning- check the shipping window for each item!  Because these sites work with independent sellers and a lot of crafters, the shipping time frame is different for each item.  I ordered one crochet shirt that I didn't realize had a shipping window of 30 days.  So if you need an item or gift for a certain time frame make sure to check that shipping time!

What is your favorite daily deal or e-tailer site that isn't getting enough credit? I live for my online shopping and the more sites the merrier!

I am not affiliated with either site.  I'm just really in love with their products and prices.

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