Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tip Thursday: Dry Body Scrub

  Winter is the time of beautiful snow falls, family gatherings AND dry skin.  Keeping moisturized is definitely more difficult come winter and applying lotion daily should be an important step in your skin care regimen if it isn't already.  But how do you prevent dry skin flakes altogether?

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Try applying your body scrub on dry skin!  I keep my scrub in my shower, but apply it on my legs in circular motions before I turn on the water.  The absence of water keeps the scrub from being diluted and it really works to slough away dry skin.  This also helps break down cellulite.

My favorite body scrub of the moment is the Arbonne Ginger Citrus Scrub, but you can make this work with any type of body scrub or even try searching Pinterest for DIY body scrub recipes!

What is your favorite winter skin care tip?

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