Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tip Thursday: Wrap Away

  I wish I had the creative and crafty abilities to have a "Pinterest" like Christmas.  You know those people who have the beautifully decorated houses, the themed Christmas trees and their house always smells of hot cocoa?  Well, I'm far from it!  The part of the holidays that I am the absolutely worst at is wrapping.  I think it's my lack of hand eye coordination that prevents me from being a gift wrapper.

  I do wrap a lot of my presents though because I love the idea of ripping open presents as opposed to looking in a gift bag.  I don't have a lot of family members I give presents to, but I do have a lot of different houses that I go to for Christmas and different sets of gifts that go along with it.

My new favorite wrapping tip: Wrap gifts for individuals or different house holds with the same paper! I wrapped all of my mom's presents with these silver gift sock things and I wrapped all of my dad's presents with a different wrapping paper.  This tip is especially helpful with young kids so they don't accidentally rip open someone else's gift.

What is your favorite gift wrapping or gifting technique? 

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