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DIY: Fitness Contract

  January is of course the time for people to make resolutions that will most likely not last them until the middle of the month.  Why do we continually set ourselves up for failure?  I always start out saying I'm going to eat salad 24/7 and work out an hour each day.  Who am I kidding??  Of course my resolutions are broken by my birthday, they are too drastic of changes to make so suddenly!

  This gave me an idea. Both myself and my friend Danielle have been complaining about putting on some extra pounds lately.  I decided we should make a fitness contract to keep us on our health game!

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  Here's some tips, tricks and steps to making a fitness contract.

Step 1: Determine who will be your health buddy

When picking the friend or friends you want to have the contract with, there are certain things to take into consideration.
*Is this a friend who you will be actually exercising with or just checking in with?
*Is this a person with similar goals as you? It will be difficult to have a contract with a friend who wants to lose 50 pounds when you only want to lose 10.
*Do they have similar health habits as you? If you make a fitness contract with someone who already works out every day for an hour, you will probably get discouraged by their progress and the lack of your progress.
*Find someone who's honest! If you are not working out with them, you need them to be honest just like you will be honest with them.

Step 2: Make an overall goal
*Make this goal realistic, but what you would ultimately want as your health goal
*Keep in mind, the overall goal is most likely a LONG TERM won't be reached in a month

Step 3: Pick a weekly goal for each participant in the contract
*Make the goal realistic
*Fot ultimate results make a fitness and nutrition goal
*Start small, the best contracts are updated constantly so make the goal small and attainable to get a sense of accomplishment

Step 4: Create a rewards system!
*Do not reward yourself with food!
*Pick how often you will reward yourself
*Make the reward something you don't usually buy yourself/ do for yourself

Step 5: Create an accountability system
*Decide whether you are going to work out with your friend, text your friend, etc. about your workouts and progress
*If you don't meet your weekly goal, make some kind of "punishment" system

Step 6: Keep track!
*Write down your workouts, your healthy meals, etc.- you need to keep track of your time!
*Keep one day a week to weigh yourself AND measure yourself- remember you don't always see changes on the scale, but you may see and feel changes in terms of your measurements

Step 7: Have fun and allow for failures!
Look, life gets in the way sometimes.  You won't always meet your goals and that's ok.  Don't beat yourself up and start back up right again.  Also, find a workout routine and eating routine that doesn't make you miserable.  This isn't about short term changes, this is how we are building long term habits!

A sneak into my fitness contract (yes that's my chicken scratch!)

I did this contract with my friend Danielle.  We decided on a weekly goal of 150 minutes of working out (this includes cardio, weight training, pilates, etc.) and 3 healthy lunches per week (we are both teaching assistants).  We both have different schedules so we check in with each other via text.

My overall goal is to get down to 117 pounds which is my "normal" weight.  When I started the contract I was at 130.  13 pounds seemed like a big goal for a month to two month span, so I made my immediate goal 125 pounds.  I'd also like to be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes.

Our rewards system is to put away $5 each week we meet our goal.  When we reach $100 we will treat ourselves to a spa day.  If we don't reach our weekly goal we have to pay the other person $1.  I'm also thinking of treating myself to a Blogilates workout top when I reach 125 pounds.

So this is just a silly way for me to try to get myself into some positive health habits.  I need a sense of accountability and a rewards system to really feel motivated so I'm glad Danielle and I did this.  We are going to meet up again in the beginning of February to see if we have to alter or add anything to the contract.

Please let me know if any of you do this or have done something similar to this?

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Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a great idea!!! I've been losing weight for awhile now... it really has to be a lifestyle change!!!
I'm going to incorporate some of your ideas!

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