Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fitspiration: Gold's Gym Dance Workout for Wii Review

  As stated in my previous fitspiration posts, I prefer to work out at home.  I'm more comfortable and there is really no excuse for me NOT to work out when I work out at home.  For Christmas, my dad got me a game for my Wii called Gold's Gym Dance Workout.  I loved my Wii Zumba game so much, that I thought this would definitely be worth a shot!

Product description from Amazon:

Gold's Gym Dance Workout is a unique dance/workout game for Wii that challenges and engages players like no game before it. The first dance game specifically dedicated to fitness and weight loss, it utilizes a blend of workout and in-game instructor customization, comically engaging mini-games, Wii Balance Board integration, a sizable song list to workout to and in-game progress tracking that together allows players to dance their way to fitness without them even knowing it. Additional features include 2-player game support, a complementary 7-day Gold's Gym membership and more.

This game combines dancing and kickboxing moves to provide a pretty decent cardio workout (especially for beginners like me).  What I really like about this game is that you need to provide some basic info including weight and height and the game provides a calorie count on the screen.  Who knows how accurate this is, but at least it will give you an idea!

This game is not one continuous workout like the Zumba game is, but sets of mini workouts that you can either pre-select in a routine or create your own routine with.  I like this in a way, because it's not as monotonous.

Screenshot of one of the mini kickboxing routines

Screen shot of where the calorie counter is located

♥ Calorie count onscreen
♥ Can create endless routines
♥ Pretty good cardio workout
♥ Keeps routines fresh and new
♥ Very affordable
♥ Good music
♥ It's actually fun
♥ Can play with 2 players

-Pretty weak graphics
-There is a 30-45 second pause between each routine, which kind of sucks
-It can be a bit confusing to set up at first
-May be hard to find in store..had to buy it used
-No toning or body weight routines

Who is this good for?
*People who like to work out at home
*Girls who crave cardio
*Beginner-moderate exercisers
*Those who enjoy Zumba

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