Monday, February 4, 2013

Fitspiration: No Fried February

  I've kicked my little healthy spurt into overdrive.  I keep seeing this inspirational pictures with quotes like "Your summer body comes from your hard work in the winter".  Well, I want to have a fabulous summer body and lose my fat skinny girl status so I've really been working hard.  I saw on that she has monthly challenges up to get rid of specific bad food groups or habits to  help us land our summer bodies.  I've decided to hop on this monthly challenge bandwagon.  This month Lauren says it's time to give up fried food.

This is going to be difficult for me because I love my chicken fingers, but it's time to start erasing some negative habits and turning them simply into "treats", not weekly occurrences.

I missed January, so I think I'm going to make giving up sweets my goal for March.  Anyone else with me on No Fried February? 

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