Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fitspiration: Trader Joe's Staples

  I am very lucky to live right down the street from Trader Joe's.  To say that I'm obsessed with TJ's is sort of an understatement.  I stop in there at least once a week, and while I do a bulk of my regular grocery shopping at the A&P, there are some items that I just MUST get from Trader Joe's.  Here are some of my staples


*Organic Extra Virgin Garlic Flavored Olive Oil- This is the yummiest stuff ever!  I use this to sautee veggies or to toss some pasta in.  It's super garlicky, which doesn't exactly make it date friendly, but it's amazingly delish.

*Balsamic Vinegar of Modena- I love balsamic vinegar, and most cooking magazines I read say that you need an expensive balsamic vinegar to really get the most flavor.  This is maybe $5 for the entire jug and it's delicious!

*Seasoned Rice Vinegar- I love to use this in my cold pasta salads.  It's much healthier than dousing it in italian dressing like I used to.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

TJ's has the best prices on fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as organic fruits and vegetables.  Their bananas are by the most delicious.

Easy, Peasy Meals

I LOVE their meals, frozen or refrigerated.  They make it very simple to eat some "fancy" meals at home.  These are two of my favorite frozen meals:

*Mandarin Orange Chicken- I love making this with some broccoli and brown rice.  Great dinner and heats up perfectly the next day for lunch.

*Garden Vegetable Lasagna- I love lasagna, and this garden vegetable lasagna is even better than meat lasagna.  It heats up very easily and is a great meal with a side salad.


*Greek Style 2% Low Fat Yogurt- Greek yogurt is one of those foods that have slowly grown on me.  I don't like the pre-flavored yogurts so I buy this plan yogurt and add my own fresh fruit to it and agave nectar to sweeten it up.  I also find TJ's Greek Yogurt to be a bit cheaper than Chobani and other brands.

*Low Sodium Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup- Oh this is just the yummiest soup ever!  It's surprisingly low calorie and is so creamy.  I love this with a few croutons thrown in and some cheese sprinkled on top.

*Speculoos Cookie Butter - If you try ANYTHING from TJ's, this has to be it.  This spread is better than peanut butter, nutella, all of it.  It reminds me of the dipping sauce that used to come with Dunkaroos.  This is delicious spread on whole wheat waffles and it's my favorite as a dipping sauce for apple slices.

Do any of you have a Trader Joe's nearby? I'd love to know your TJ's staples!

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mayaari said...

♥ TJ's, they really have some of the best prices for a lot of products. I like buying their tuscan bread for sandwiches - it's a rustic bread with lots of air bubbles, but it's great for soups & stuff when toasted. Also love their baked cheese crunchies as a healthier alternative to cheetos, when I get a random craving for them. My bf loves the spicy edamame...I hate the smell, but it's one of his favorite snacks (I stick with the regular edamame).

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