Saturday, February 2, 2013

Heatless Curls: Standard Braid

It's been quite a while since I've attempted a heatless curl method.  I was feeling a bit lazy the other night so I just decided to braid my damp hair.  I used to do this back in college and was never pleased with the results.  I figured it was because my hair was too poufy and frizzy and my new found knowledge of layers and frizz products would leave me with beautiful soft waves the next day.  Boy was I wrong!  I slept in a standard old braid on my slightly damp hair and this is what I woke up with ...........

Umm....what??? How the hell did one part of my hair become curly while the rest just became BLAH! My hair had no movement, no pizzaz and really no wave.  I feel like the sleep in brad method is most effective on girls with naturally straight, long and smooth hair.  My textured, frizzy and overall BIG hair led to hair looking like it had multiple personalities.

On to the next method......

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