Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spa Night Essentials

  One night a week I like to take some extra time in the shower to really pamper myself and give myself some treatments.  I find that I feel more relaxed and definitely a little glowy afterwards.  Here are the pampering products that I have been reaching for the most lately.

From L to R, front to back:

*Lush Big Shampoo- This shampoo has quickly become my favorite hair product.  I find that the salt in the shampoo helps to give a great scalp massage and it also helps get out all of my deep conditioning treatment.

*The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask- I've had this mask for quite a while and I just love it.  It really provides great moisture to my skin and a little bit goes a long way so you really get your money's worth.

*Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub- Even though I use this lip scrub almost daily, it is definitely a pampering treat.  I've never tried any of the other scents, but this one is just perfection!

*Bath and Body Works/White Barn candle in Marshmallow Fireside- When it comes to a spa night I need a warm or sweet scent.  This candle provides the perfect aroma for a winter spa night.

Back Row:

*Homemade Vanilla Body Scrub- I love this pinterest body scrub that my best friend made me for my birthday.  To really get the max results from a scrub, exfoliate your skin dry.  I like to hop in the shower and apply this scrub from head to toe, massaging it into my skin gently in circular motions.  Then turn on the water and wash it all off.  Your skin is SO smooth!

*Trader Joe's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil- I usually take a small amount of this, maybe half a teaspoon, rub it into my hands and apply to the ends of my hair.  I then throw my hair into a braid or bun and work out before my shower.  I find that the heat from my workout really helps the oil penetrate my hair.  If you're not in the mood to workout, throw this in your hair and put on a shower cap with a warm towel on top for about 20 minutes prior to washing it out.
****Tip- I have also been using this to shave my legs lately and it's amazing!

*Scent Bar Cabana Lotion- This lotion from Target is just the most heavenly smelling lotion ever.  It smells like vanilla and coconut and goes on beautifully.  This really transports me away from my bathroom!

These are just a few items that really make me feel pampered.  What are your spa night essentials?  

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Natalie said...

Although I don't use the same products as you, I have a spa night once a week as well :)

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