Monday, February 25, 2013

Trend Report: Oscar 2013 Fashion

  From the moment that Seth McFarlane was announced to host the Oscars I was excited!  I love to watch for the fashion of course, but I was very excited to watch it for the comedy this year as well!

  This year was the year I feel of the safe Oscar fashion.  There were no dresses where I yelled at my screen to shut it off, but I wasn't blown away by a lot of the dresses either.  I can't wait to see what Joan Rivers has to say about some of these gals tonight!

  Here are some of the trends that I feel us non celebrity gals can rock in our every day or special occasion wardrobes.

The Back Chain- Jennifer Lawrence

Now I didn't LOVE JLaw's dress.  Don't get me wrong I think she looked stunning, but you're the IT girl and you're so young, I just thought the dress was a bit mature for her.  A style feature of hers I did like however- the back chain!  I know these were seen on the red carpet a few years ago, but I feel like now we are going to see them everywhere and I can't wait to wear one with a special occasion dress!

The best way to wear a back chain is with a long, single strand, delicate chain that you probably already own!

White Peplum- Charlize Theron

Charlize was definitely one of my best dressed nominees.  I think she looked flawless and totally elegant.  I already posted in my Grammy's fashion report how I think we should all rock some non-bridal white in our lives, and Charlize takes that thought to another level!  In my last post I included a lot of soft and earthy white dresses, but I love this structured white peplum.  

Blue and Black- Reese Witherspoon

Reese just does no wrong in my eyes and last night was no exception.  When I was younger one of the fashion rules was never mix blue and black.  They were too similar, they clashed, whatever else they said.  That rule has been thrown out for a while and Reese proves it even more in this beautiful Louis Vuitton number.

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