Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trend Report: Oscar Beauty 2013

   An Oscar look is only as good as the hair and makeup.  The dress can be spot on, but if you're hair and makeup aren't perfect it can throw off the entire look!  The actresses pulled out all of the stops last night to show off how beautiful they really are!  Here are some hair and makeup trends the average girl can take away from the Oscars.

Retro Waves- Reese Witherspoon

You already know from my fashion report that I think Reese can do no wrong, and her hair has always been one of my favorite features of hers!  These retro Veronica Lake like waves prove how much of a movie star she really is.

The Undone-Done Updo- Jennifer Garner

I have been in love with Jennifer Garner since her Alias Days and I love how so many of her updos are soft and look almost undone.  Last night was no exception, while quite a few celebrities rocked the "undone done updo", I think Jennifer looked the best!

Movie Star Red Lip- Jessica Chastain

Is there anything more Hollywood than a bold red lip? No one rocked a better red lip at this years' Oscar than Jessica Chastain.  The red hair and red lips give her an amazing Jessica Rabbit like feel.

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