Saturday, March 9, 2013

Current Empties: Revlon, L'Oreal, Fun Stuff!

     I'm amazed at how quickly I've bee going through products lately.  It took me like a year to go through my last batch of empties and just two months to go through the next batch.  However, I was near empty on a lot of these products for a while.  Here are my current empties and what I thought of them!

♥ Mary Kay Satin Hands Peach Hand Cream- I got this cream from a friend at work and even though it looks like a small package, it took me quite a while to go through this.  I really liked this cream and even liked the peach scent which isn't usually my thing.  I don't think I'll be repurchasing this, because I didn't love it enough to justify the price.

♥ White Barn Candles in Hot Buttered Rum and Winter Nights- I know it looks like there is still wax in it, but I keep burning that same little amount of wax and it doesn't even have a scent anymore. I loved both of these scents, but Hot Buttered Rum was just so yummy! That will definitely be one of my go to winter candles!

♥ Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Cream- Now this baby took me QUITE a while to go through!  This is a great lotion to use as soon as you get out of the shower.  The smell is delightful and it sinks into the skin very quickly.  It provides a great amount of moisture and is so affordable.  I have a lot of body lotions to go through, but I will most likely be repurchasing this.

♥ Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in 220 Nude- For me to finish a foundation before it "turns" is a milestone! Let alone finishing two in one month!  This Revlon makeup is by far my favorite foundation.  The coverage it provides is flawless and it lasts all day.  I have repurchased this and I'm already using my second jar.

♥ Be Fine Food Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser- I think I received this in a Birchbox over a year ago.  This was the cleanser I used when I would sleep over at my dad's house and I really liked it.  It's a very thick formula and the grains are very large.  I wouldn't recommend this for daily use, but for once a week or so it works quite well.  While I did like this, I don't think this is a must repurchase for me.

♥ ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen-  Ok I didn't use this up as much as it dried out.  I've written several times about how terrible I am with liquid liner and the fact that this guy dried up is proof of that!  I will be repurchasing this though because it's cheap and can help me practice.

♥ Revlon Double Twist Mascara- I bought this during one of the CVS Beauty Sales and it was just ok.  The brush is very large and it's actually difficult to get the brush out of the packaging.  The formula was very dark which I liked, but clumped too easily.  Not a repurchase for me.

♥ Beauty Addict Show Off Mascara- You can see my review of this mascara here.  I did really like it, but the formula was just too messy and too pricey for me to repurchase this.

♥ L'Oreal Mascara- I don't know the actual name of this mascara because it just says "L'Oreal" on the packaging.  I actually really enjoyed this mascara.  It's very dark and very lengthening.  It really helped open up my eyes under my glasses.  If anyone knows the name of this mascara, please let me know!

♥ Love & Beauty by F21 Rice Moisture Facial Mask- I bought this sheet mask at F21 while waiting in line.  I'm very happy I did because I really enjoyed it!  It didn't really have a scent which I like with sheet masks and it left my skin feeling very smooth and took away some of the dry flaky spots I had popping up.  For only $1.80 I will definitely be repurchasing this mask.

♥ Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Cream Foundation in Bare Buff- This was the foundation I'd use while at my dad's and I really liked it!  It provided a lot of moisture to my skin which I liked and the coverage was pretty good.  The staying power isn't as good as the Colorstay, but I would definitely repurchase this foundation for those lighter makeup days.

What products have you guys used up lately?

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