Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Spray Tan Experience

   As you saw in my previous post, I had to get all dressed up last weekend for a gala.  With my dress being gold and sparkly, I thought that my pale self needed a spray tan.  Now I have gotten the occasional spray tan here or there during the summer, but never during the winter.

  Here are my tips and tricks for getting a spray tan from a booth.  I've never gotten air brushed or sprayed from a person so I can't give my personal tips regarding that.

Before Spray Tanning

*Shower, shave and exfoliate the night before ( or no less than 6 hours prior to) your spray tan.  If you shave too close to the time of your spray tan your pores will be open and that will lead to those dark freckle like spots that you may have seen on people before.

*Moisturize on only super dry areas (a few hours prior to tanning).  I moisturized my face lightly (because it's super dry at the moment) the heels of my feet and my knees.  A lot of people experience dryness on their elbows as well so I would recommend moisturizing them too.

*Get your spray tan wardrobe ready- you're going to want to wear loose fitting dark clothing and flip flops.  Shoes or boots can rub off some of the tan.

*Throw some vaseline in your bag.  You're going to want to coat your lips and your brows if they are light.

*Do not get a spray tan the day before an event.  While spray tanning has become pretty fool proof, you don't want to deal with uneven coloring or streaks for a big day.

During Your Spray Tan

*Pick the appropriate level tan for you- Different tanning booths have different levels so consult with the person helping you to pick the appropriate level.  I am super pale and got a level 1 (brand: California Tans) and was super happy with the results.

*Put the barrier cream on appropriately.  The place I went to had me putting it thoroughly on my hands, nails, and sides and bottoms of feet.

*Wear the shower cap just a little bit above your hairline.  If you wear it too low you will have a straight tan line right across your forehead.

*Wear skimpy cut black underwear

*If you are a girl with bigger boobs, do not make the mistake of going topless like I did.  The tan lines were weirder than if I wore a small black strapless bra or bikini.

*Follow the directives that the spray tan technician or directions of the machine give you.

*After the spray tan, blot any dark spots off thoroughly..this is just excess tanner.  Don't swipe or rub!

*Wait as long as you can prior to getting dressed.

After Your Spray Tan

*Do not shower until the day following your spray tan to ensure that the color is fully developed.

*Do not exercise or sweat until the day after your spray tan.

*Take shorter showers than you're used to and try to limit the hot water.

*Don't use a loofah or an exfoliating shower gel.

*Moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower.  For an added bonus use a gradual self tanning moisturizer.

*Pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing dry.

*With good care and moisturizing your tan can last anywhere from 4-10 days.

Here are my before pics:

After pics:

Is anyone else a fan of spray tanning?  I'd love to know any further tips or tricks.

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Anonymous said...

I seriously wish someone told me to wear a bikini top or something before spray tanning. These lines are terrible.

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