Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Lust List: Fashion Edition

   I don't go super crazy over spring.  As a person who hates winter, I know I totally should, but spring is an odd ocurrence in my neck of the woods.  It doesn't start getting warm sometimes until May and by then the temperatures usually sky rocket into the 80's.  I would love to have a month or two of temps in the 60's and 70's.  Fingers crossed that 2013 is the year of spring!

   While spring may not be that long of a season here, I do love spring shopping.  All of the bright colors and florals just helps me forget how cold and nasty winter has been.

Here are some of the items on my spring fashion lust list!

Corset Style Dress

I love these subtle corset style dresses.  People hear corset and automatically think sexy, but this shows that it can be very feminine and shapely as well.

Now some spring days are way too chilly for this dress, but throw on a denim jacket over top and some heels and it's a great dinner or going out look.  Just make sure not to stay outside too long!

Crochet Toms

I bought my first pair of Tom's from Zulily a couple of weeks ago and I automatically became hooked! I love the easy breezy feel of the crochet versions.  I want one in every color!

A White Designer Purse

I know a white handbag is as impractical as one can get, but I just LOVE the classic look of this Michael Kors.  It just screams HAMPTONS to me!  This bag is perfect for spring and summer so it may be worth the investment for me.

Distressed Skinnies

Can you believe I still haven't gotten my perfect pair of distressed skinnies? I had this on my lust list LAST year!  I've been yo-yoing between sizes so frequently lately that I'm going to wait until I even out and find a pair of American Eagle.  I love the fit of their jeggings.

Super Light Wash Denim Jacket

I have quite a few dark wash denim jackets, but I love the light weight look of the washed out denim jackets.  Cropped ones can be tricky to pull off with pants, but I love cropped jackets like this one for dresses!

A "Chanel-esque" Jacket

I've always wanted a Chanel tweed jacket, but come on! I can't afford rent let alone a damn Chanel jacket.  I really like this take on the Chanel classic from F21.  In a mint like color it looks more spring than winter.  May have to order this beauty ASAP!

What are some of the items on your spring fashion lust list?  Give me some more ideas before I go shopping.

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