Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's In My Gym Bag?

   I recently started a new gym that is very close to my house.  I only have a two month trial membership because the gym is very pricey, but I thought it would help get me on a positive track.  I normally use the cardio machines or take one of their awesome zumba classes.  I don't shower at the gym since I live so close and the most I'll do after a sweaty workout is stop for gas or a quick bite to eat.
Here are my gym bag essentials:

The Bag:

This is definitely a small gym bag for those who drive to the gym not those who commute via train or bus  since it doesn't zipper.  I got this as part of the Bath and Body Works VIP Bag like three black Fridays ago.  It doesn't have compartments or anything, but it totes around my stuff and the bag itself is lightweight so I like it.

The Little Things:

*A comb- I don't know how people work out with their hair down.  I need it as far up off my neck as I can get it.  I use a comb to tie my mop up into a tight bun.
*Kirkland Brand Facial Towelettes- I go to the gym usually straight from work so I use one of these babies to take my makeup off prior to working out.  I used to workout with my makeup on and my skin just did not approve.  After my workout I just splash some water on my face since I know I'm going home to shower soon anyway.
*Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths- This may be a touchy subject for some, but working out and not showering shortly thereafter can be just as bad as sitting around in a damp bathing suit.  Unless you are going to shower right away, I recommend cleaning down south with one of these cleansing cloths.
*Deodorant- Who wants to stink during a workout? Even though I apply deodorant in the morning, I give an extra swipe before working out.
*Headphones- I need to watch my tv or listen to my music while working out.  It's an absolute necessity
*Pink Body Splash- Just in case I'm not going directly home, I throw on some body splash to feel a bit more girly.  Ok, I may also apply some body splash before working out if the cute trainer is working that day haha.
*Headband- I have super long bangs and they always get in my way.  I like headbands because they keep the hair out of my face and help keep my bun more secure.

The Big Things:

*Appropriate Sneakers- Tailor your sneakers to your exercising needs.  I'm not a runner so I use cross trainers- these take me from the eliptical to the zumba class.
*Bottoms- I prefer capris when working out.  If I'm working out at home I wear shorts, but in public I prefer capris.  A lot of the time yoga pants are too long on my little legs.  Try to look for a fitted pair if you're going to be taking a class with a lot of movement and look for a pair with sweat wicking material.
*Padded socks- I used to work out in whatever little socks I bought from the dollar store.  My feet would not be happy with me after a workout.  Now I buy running socks which have a bit more padding than normal thin ankle socks.  I really like Puma socks and I find that Marshalls and TJ Maxx sell them for great prices.
*Well fitting sports bras- I hate spending money on sports bras, but they are well worth the price if you can find one with good support and that isn't too tight.  I used to wear cheapie sports bras and would realize that after a high intensity workout not only would my back hurt but my chest would hurt as well.   Again I find TJ Maxx and Marshalls a great place to purchase sports bras.
*Tank Top With Support- I really like adding even more support to the girls by wearing a workout tank top with a shelf bra.  I find these to be most comfortable for working out and wearing an actual exercise tank gives me more motivation.

I just ordered a heart rate monitor to get a more accurate count of my calorie burn while working out so that will definitely be an addition to my gym bag.

What are your gym bag must haves?

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