Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Natural Review: Jane Iredale Magic Mitt

  After watching a lot of videos from iluvejesse444 I had created a list of products that I wanted to try and on top of that list was the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt.  This mitt is designed to remove makeup so I was excited to try this in lieu of my Kirkland Brand makeup remover wipes.

I've been using this mitt for over a month now and I really love it.  It does an amazing job of removing my makeup prior to using my face wash.  It will cut down on using more unncessary chemicals on my skin and also cut down on my trash since I was using at least one face wipe every day.

Product description:

Magic Mitt is made from a new generation of specially knitted micro-fibers. These micro-fibers are many times thinner than a human hair and are able to penetrate oil films. This hydro-mechanical process breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin while the fibers gently exfoliate. The combination of warm water and micro-fibers turn the makeup into an emulsion that is easily swept away by the mitt. It will even remove mascara!

Here are some pics to prove how effective this mitt is:

Before Pics with Makeup:

As you can see I don't wear a ton of eye makeup during the week and this was taken after work so a lot of my makeup had worn off by then, but I do wear a lot of face makeup.  Foundation, concealer, powder foundation, bronzer, cream blush, blush and setting powder.  So this mitt has to get a lot off.

After pics:

As you can see, it took off nearly all of my makeup.  There wasn't any visible traces of makeup left which is amazing considering I was using just the mitt and plain ol' water.

Mitt After

I love this product! I haven't noticed any difference in my skin ( I was nervous about possible break outs in case all of my makeup wasn't removed), it's affordable ($15-$25) and a great natural alternative to face wipes.

According to some reviews this mitt can last quite a while, but it's recommended to purchase a new one when you feel like the mitt is breaking down or lost its luster.  To clean the mitt, I just saturate it and rub over the mitt with a bar of soap and then wash it thoroughly.  It's ready the next day to wash again!

To further prove the magic that is the Magic Mitt, head on over to Tammy's blog and read her review here.

Has anyone ever tried any other Jane Iredale products? I'm quite intrigued now!

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