Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Reading List

   I'm an uber nerd that loves to read every opportunity I get.  I like to keep a running reading list on my phone so I'm never at a lack of what book I want to read next.  Here are some of the books that are on my spring reading list.

♥ Finish off the Harry Potter series

I'm currently reading The Order of the Phoenix and I want to finish reading the series before I start any other books.

♥ Passport to Beauty: Secrets and Tips from Around the World for Becoming a Global Goddess

I learned of this book from PinkSoFoxy and it definitely looks like a fun and girly book.  I love DIY beauty recipes, even though I hardly ever try any of them!

I read about this in a magazine a few months ago and it seems like a book that every woman should read.  It's a non-fiction book about the oppression of women around the world including sex slavery and other serious topics facing women all around the world.  Not a light read, but I feel like I should be more informed of what's happening in the world.

I've been interesting in stepping up my blogging game for a while and this book seems to be a top read on a lot of popular bloggers list.

I love, love, love Lauren Conrad.  I wish she would come back with a reality show again.  I loved her fashion book, but have never read any of her novels.  They have been on my must read list for a while, so it's about time I get to them!

What books are on your must read list?  I'm always looking to add more to mine!


Taj Acosta said...

Great list! I try to buy a stack of books every month from amazon on my wishlist! xx

Tammy said...

Quitter by Jon Acuff
Elixir Series by Hilary Duff

I rarely read to 'learn' It's always light and girly stuff. That list above is way too short, but I rarely plan what I'm going to read ahead of time. For some reason every time I go to Target their book section inspires my next read.

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