Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lush Wishlist

   I've never been a Lush fanatic.  I went to a few stores here and there, but I was always a bit turned off by their  high prices.  I've tried a few products here and there, but I didn't become an actual Lush fan until I began using their Big shampoo.  They finally opened up a Lush by me and my mom and I spent a day getting facials there and making a long list of wish list products.

Again, I don't have much experience with Lush products so I'd love any feedback you may have on them!

Skin Care

Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser- This is a cleanser to get balanced skin and is sort of similar to the ANF Face Food where you have to add water to it to make a paste.  The summer time may be the perfect time to try this face wash out since it does contain kaolin clay which can be drying.

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment

I have been looking for a more natural acne spot treatment for a while and I've heard really good things about this.  This is a pretty good size bottle of product and will probably last quite a while.

Dream Steam

I love the idea of their steam tabs, which you add to boiling water to release a calming and skin soothing steam.  This one is is to calm and soothe troubled skin.

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask 

This face mask is so fresh that they need to be refrigerated and has a quick expiration date.  I really do already have enough face masks, but this mask for dull skin just sounds amazing and definitely worth a shot!



I have and have tried plenty of products and treatments for the length of my hair, but I've never tried a scalp treatment before.  I do randomly suffer from dandruff and a dry scalp, so this is the number one product that I want to try from Lush!

Shower & Bath

I want to try EVERY SINGLE BUBBLE BAR! I absolutely love taking baths, and the idea of a bubble bath is just as beautiful and girly and pampering as they get.  I have never tried one of their bubble bars and I would loooove to try one!

Any feedback on any of these products or any must try products from Lush?  Any etailers or Etsy stores sell similar products?  I'd love to know!

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Lulu said...

i love grease lightening, and it lasts such a long time! i also like their BIG shampoo, but if you dye your hair don't use it because it strips color, but it's so good at cleaning and volumizing.

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