Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Favorites

Another month has come and gone and May has brought some warmth, some damn hot days and some chilly days as well.  I've found a few new products that have quickly become favorites and also rediscovered some products in my collection that I never really gave a fair shot.

Make Up Favorites

Mally High Impact Mascara- I got this during winter time with a Mally value set I bought from QVC.  I finally began using it this month and it's fantastic!  It doesn't provide a lot of volume but gives TONS of length and a very eye opening effect.  I'll be doing a review on this soon!

Revlon Cherry Tart Lip Butter- I've only had this for about 2 weeks, but the first swipe of this I put on I loved!  It's the perfect "I just finished a cherry popsicle" color and is a great way to wear red during the summer months.

NYX Shadow in Morroco- I've had this color for a very long time and while I reached for it here and there, I've become to reach for it almost every time I've wanted a smokey or "going out" type eye look. I use this to either deepen the outer corner or use it as a liner to give a super smoldering look.

Stila Eye Kajal in Topaz- This is another product I've had for quite a while and only began using it frequently.  I use this on my water line to brighten up the whites of my eyes.  It doesn't last all that long, but by the time it wears off the red in my eyes is usually gone anyway.

Random Favorites

Cliff Kid Z Bar in Iced Oatmeal Cookie- I've been looking for low calorie bar for quite a while, and this is it!  The original Z bars are pretty high in calories, but this one is only 130.  It's so yummy!  I wouldn't recommend this as a breakfast or meal bar, but it's a fantastic snack.  I haven't tried any other flavors, but I'm excited to after this one.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad- This has been my go to facial self tanner for the past two summers.  It provides such a deep, yet natural looking tan on my super pale face.  I use this on my freshly cleansed face in the evening and wake up to great bronzed skin.  Expect a review soon!

Deep Steep Moisture Stick- I received this in my Vita Cost box a few months ago and it has been a savior to my poor little battered nose this month.  My allergies have been out of control this season and the constant blowing and wiping of my nose has led to a super chapped nose.  I carry this around in my purse and apply it constantly.  It's very moisturizing with out being greasy and the scent is very yummy and energizing.

Favorite YouTuber

As you all know, I use YouTube to find a lot of my at home workouts.  Well, this month I have discovered a GEM in the Youtube Fitness world.  Her name is Keaira LaShae at Superherofitnesstv.  I love doing a lot of dance inspired workouts, and this girl's dance videos include moves that I wouldn't be embarassed doing out in public!  She's gorgeous, infectious and makes me want to clubbing every weekend.

What have been your favorites this month?

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