Friday, May 10, 2013

Met Gala 2013 Beauty Recap

  The 2013 Met Gala showcased some of the craziest hair and makeup looks that have been seen on celebrities lately.  Again, while the punk theme/look is not my favorite; there are still some makeup and hair looks that us non-celebrity gals can incorporate into our own lives.

Single Wash of Color Eyeshadow

While Kristen Steward is not my favorite, there's no denying that she looks FIERCE in her gala ensemble.  The single shade of burnt auburn around her eyes is absolutely stunning.  It makes her green eyes piercing and is such a simple look to pull off.  I love doing a single color wash using Wet and Wild's Nutty.

Super Contouring

While I absolutely despise the fact that Jessica Biel rocked a faux nose ring for this look, I am obsessed with her cheek contours.  The woman has beautiful cheekbones to begin with, but this all nude look with contoured cheeks is gorgeous.  I would give NYX Blush in Taupe a whirl for a similar look.

Return of Crimps

I never thought I would see crimped hair return and I love the way that Taylor Swift incorporated these subtle crimps into her mermaid like look.  Not every strand is crimped and it's not super crimped and crunchy like my childhood days in the 80's.  Love, love, love this!

Over the Shoulder

This hair look is as simple and easy as it gets.  To me nothing is sexier or more romantic than the over the shoulder look.  It's so easy and add a couple of bobby pins to the back to make it hold.

What was your favorite beauty look from the 2013 Met Gala?

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