Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's In My Bag: Spring 2013 Edition

  I love seeing What's In My Bag videos and posts and it's been quite a while since I've done a what's in my bag tag, so here I am!  Let's see what I'm lugging around with me this spring!

The Bag:

I LOVE this white leather bag from the Coach outlet.  I bought this in the Coach outlet in Atlantic City and I have no idea what it's called, but it was love at first sight!  I'm terrified as all hell carrying around a white bag, but I'll be extra careful and try my best to keep it clean.

I like how this bag is split into two sections.  I call one side the business side and one the pleasure side haha.

The Business Side:

*Purple Planet Fitness Pen- I'm obsessed with these free purple pens.  I have them stashed EVERYWHERE.

*Planner- I love this little planner.  It reminds of a tapestry.  I bought this at Barnes and Nobles around Christmas time.

*Coach Poppy Coral Wallet- Another outlet find.  I don't LOVE this wallet, when the change section gets more than like 4 coins in it, it doesn't zip.  I'll make do for now, because I just love the color.

*Vera Bradley ID Zip Holder- I think I got this for a Christmas present from a coworker a few years ago.  I use this to hold all of my gift cards and my rewards cards.  I hate having those clutter up my wallet.

The Party Side:

*Zyrtec- Ok, not very party like, but a TOTAL necessity in order for me to function at life during these warmer months.

*Thirty One Small Zip Pouch- I keep all of my makeup and health goodies in here.

*Extra Gum in Polar Ice- Because who loves stank breath?

*EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit- I've been using this EOS balm forever.  I'm almost up and even though I love them, I think I'm going to try something new soon.

*Deep Steep Tangerine Melon Moisture Stick- Since my allergies have been killing me and I've been blowing my nose so much my poor skin has taken a beating.  This moisture stick helps me spot treat some extra flaky spots.

*Tissues- ^^ See Zyrtec

The Girly Stuff:

*Mark Matte-nificent- Lordie, it's embarassing how long I have had this powder! I very rarely use powder to touch up, but when I do this stuff comes in handy.  The day I hit pan, I swear I will keel over.

*Mark Concealer- Again, have had this WAY too long, but I do use it to touch up blemishes sporadically throughout the day.  I find a stick concealer to be very handy for that.

*Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter- This is my current hand cream in my purse.  I usually use whatever travel or sample size lotions I have at home.  This one is good for my super dry hands and the scent is actually very clean and fresh.

*B&BW Antibacterial Hand Gel in Frosted Snowberry- I stock up on these little anti-bacs around Christmas time and this is one of my favoite scents.

*Band-aids- I have super sensitive feet when it comes to shoes, so I always keep a few band aids handy.

*Headphones- I always used to get on the train and realized I forgot my headphones.  Now I always keep this pair in my bag.

*Pill Case- I need to carry around some pepto and tylenol.

*Sumatriptan- Anyone else who's a fellow migraine sufferer knows this pill or ingredient way too well.

*ELF Makeup Remover Pen- I always seem to have the case of smudging liner so I love to keep this pen handy.  I used to love the pen that Revlon made, but they discontinued it.

*Jordana Lip Gloss in Caramelo- I like to bring whatever gloss I'm using for the day with me, but this is one I always keep in my bag just in case I forget.

*Nauzene- Whenever I get migraines or a belly ache I always end up getting naesceous.  These chewable pills actually help!

*Nail File Matchbook- I'm always the girl who has a nail file when you need one.  I love getting these little matchbook nail file sets at the Christmas Tree Shop for a buck.

*Hair tie and bobby pins- I usually walk around with at least 10 hair ties on me at all times, but just in case I'm with out I have my back up.

*Strap Perfect- This I keep in my bag in case I'm going out and need some oo la la cleavage haha.  If you have never used one of these on your bra straps, prepare to be amazed.

*Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens- I just started using these and I had them in a $10 value kit I bought from Sephora around black friday.  I knew I shouldn't have started using pricier oil blotting sheets, because frankly I'm hooked!

When I list everything out, it seems like I carry around so much damn stuff! Are your bags as packed as mine is?

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