Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mally Beauty Instant Impact Mascara Review

   Mascaras are some of my favorite beauty products to play around with.  Mascara, I feel,  is a super important beauty step to have every day, and as a glasses wearer I find it even more important to make my eyes pop.
   I received this Mally Beauty Instant Impact Mascara in a Mally kit I ordered around January.  I hadn't gotten around to testing it until recently.  I'm usually a one or two mascara at a time kind of gal.  I'm very adamant about only using mascaras for 2-3 months due to super sensitive eyes.

   This Mally mascara retails for about $20 on Amazon, Mallybeauty.com and QVC.com.

Product Description:

NEW Instant Impact Mascara takes lashes to great lengths with a six-ball applicator that distributes mascara evenly to each lash--every one of them will look longer and fuller than ever before!

I don't think I've ever used a mascara with this type of brush before.  I have to say I really like it.  Even when I run out of this mascara, I think I will wash and save the brush.  It really helps separate and curl the lashes.

Before pics:

As you can see in my before pics, I have lashes that naturally curl upwards, but are super light.

After pics:

This mascara helps add definition and curl without adding bulk which I am a HUGE fan of.


*Love the brush to separate and curl
*Not a goopy formula- no spider lashes!
*Super black mascara to help eyes pop beneath glasses
*Great curling and separating formula
*Mally is cruelty free


*$20 is a lot for a mascara
*Takes a while to dry- I wore this the other day and sneezed about 5 minutes after I applied this and I still got the lashes marks above and below my eyes.
*Not easily available
*Nothing SO spectacular to justify the price

Would I repurchase?: While I LOVE Mally and I do enjoy this mascara, I don't see anything SO amazing about it to justify spending so much on it.  I have yet to use a higher end mascara that makes me want to abandon my drugstore mascaras.

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