Monday, June 17, 2013

Recent Empties

   Normally I like to wait up until I have TONS of empties to do one of these posts, but this weekend I just went bananas and had to clean out my room and this included the bag of trash that I've been saving in a pretty shopping bag under my desk.  Here we go!


*Just The Basics Moisturizing Shave Cream- I bought this at Walgreens I believe and for how cheap it was, it actually turned out to be a nice shaving cream.  I tend to get dry legs when I shave too frequently, and that never happened with this.  I don't know if I will repurchase, because I'm addicted to the current shave cream I've been using, but if I'm in a bind I will DEFINITELY repurchase.

*Arbonne Ginger Citrus Body Scrub- I really enjoyed this scrub and found it very effective at scrubbing off the dead skin or any flakies.  What really made this product stand out for me though was the scent.  It smells super fresh and clean.  However, I will not be repurchasing it, because I've started using homemade body scrubs which are just as effective.

*Lush Big Shampoo- This shampoo is LOVE.  I've already repurchased my second bottle and it's amazing. The best clarifying shampoo I have ever used.

*Melt Massage Bar- I bought this in Provincetown like 2 summers ago and I only began using it every day over the winter.  This thing was heaven.  The scent was called "Lickin' the Beaters"  and if I could get this scent on everything, I would.  I will definitely be repurchasing this summer when I go back to P-town.

*Dr. Grosse Alpha Beta Glow Pad-  This is my ultimate summer beauty product.  It provides the most beautiful natural tan on the face.  I love this product because so many tanners are for use on the body only and this works beautifully on the face without any breakouts!


*Real Nature Mask Lemon- I got this during my shoppingpalooza with Tammy and Vanessa.  I usually like sheet masks, but this one left my skin looking even more drab than it did before and I didn't like what it did to the texture of my skin.

*Nature Republic Snail Therapy Hydragel Eye Patch- After a night out I usually have some serious baggage under my eyes.  I really had high hopes for these helping in that area.  Other than looking funny, it didn't do anything to my under eye baggage.

What products have you gone through lately?

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