Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shopaholic Tag!

   I love shopping.  However, I am not the kind of gal who can shop anytime.  I really have to be in the mood to shop.  I'm very particular about what is worth trying on in the store and what I can wait to try on at home and just return.  When I saw the Shopaholic Tag going around Youtube, I knew it was a tag that I just had to do!

1.  Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

Actually, no I wouldn't consider myself a shopaholic.  If I'm on a roll, I can rack up quite a few purchases, but the mood to shop AND actually buy doesn't strike me all that often.

2.  What would you classify your style as?

I've been trying to figure that out for quite a while.  I don't think my style has a definition.  I guess the easiest way to describe it is classic and casual.

3.  What store can you into with out at least buying one thing?

Probably Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  It's very rare that I walk out of those stores empty handed, and if I do it's usually just because the lines are way too long and I don't feel like waiting in them.

4.  Where do you find your best deals?

Definitely score my best deals at Marshalls or Tj Maxx.  You have to be in the mood to dig, but ifyou are you can usually score some great finds.

5.  What designer are you willing to splurge on?

I don't have many designer items, but the brands I usually splurge on (but splurge at the outlets) are Coach and Kate Spade.  It's easy for me to spend money in those stores.

6.  What is your go to shopping outfit?

When I know I'm really going to have to try things on will be shopping for a while, I usually wear something comfy like leggings, a nude bra, loose shirt and easy to slip off shoes.

7.  What is your guilty pleasure?

I always have a habit of buying things placed by the register.  I love those little products they have while waiting inline.  Total guilty pleasure.

8.  One Simple clothing piece you can't live without?

Skinny jeans.  Most of my outfits revolve around skinnies.

9.  One Trend I hope Never Goes Out Of Style

Skinnies.  I love skinny jeans!  I'm too short for relaxed cuts or flares or anything, so skinny jeans are my jean of choice.

10.  What is one trend you loved that passed way too quickly?

Hmmm...I don't know if wedge sneakers are "out" because its summer or if they're are officially out, but I loved the looks of those.  So sleek and badass.

11.  Who is your style icon?

Is there anyone other than Carrie Bradshaw?  

I'd love to see if any of my gals do this tag! Please comment below if you do.

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