Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Importance of a Primer

   As the weather starts to get very hot and muggy here in New York, I realize how much I rely on my facial primer to help keep my makeup in place.  When I first started getting really into makeup, I read so much about facial primers and the importance of them.  I experimented with a few early on and have narrowed down my two favorites to The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

  If you don't normally wear or a primer or never have worn a primer there are several reasons why you should be!:

* Helps your makeup stay put longer- Primers act as a barrier in between the skin and foundation and it helps prevent the makeup from disappearing into your skin or allowing the natural oils from your skin to oxidize with the foundation.

*Helps Smooth your Skin For Foundation Application- Again, since the primer acts as a barrier between the skin and foundation, foundation doesn't get a chance to settle into pores and fine lines.  Instead it remains on top of the skin which leads to a smoother appearance.

*Tinted Primers Help Conceal Skin Before Foundation Even Goes On- If you have severely red skin, applying a green tinted primer can help counteract redness.  If you are going for a super tan look, try using a bronze tinted primer.  Primers can help out in whatever skin tone you are trying to achieve.

*Primers Help Conceal Dry Spots- I have super dry skin and by applying an emolient primer it helps conceal some of the flaky spots on my face.

Primers are one of my favorite makeup products to have.  It is one of the few steps of makeup that I can not live with out.

Do you use a primer? Which one is your favorite?

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