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Brand Review: The Honest Company

   A few months ago I ordered a product bundle from The Honest Company.  The Honest Company is an online shop started by Jessica Alba for natural & eco-friendly products.  You can order a free sampler of products and only pay the shipping if you would like to try out before purchasing full size products.

   When shopping at The Honest Company, you can do a monthly bundle of 5 products for $35.95 a month or purchase the products individually.  I did purchase one bundle of 5 products, but cancelled after due to the fact that it will take me such a long time to go through these products and I can always repurchase the items I love individually.

In my bundle I purchased:

*Honest Fruit & Veggie Wash
*Honest Sunscreen SPF 30
*Honest Body Oil
*Honest Conditioning Mist
*Honest Bug Spray (not pictured)

*Honest Fruit & Veggie Wash

Product Description from Website:

Easily wipe away pesticides, pathogens, wax, dirt, germs, & more with our 100% natural, non-toxic formula that leaves fruits & vegetables truly clean! Bon appetit!

I purchased this because I have been shopping at my local farmers market a lot and sometimes the products literally are just plucked and placed in the truck so I wanted something safe to clean the produce with.  I use this on almost all of my produce and I really like it.  It doesn't really have an odor and it leaves no taste.

Price: $6.95
Would I repurchase?:  Possibly, but I want to see if I can find a cheap DIY.

*Honest Sunscreen SPF 30

Product Description from Website:

Natural, unscented, broad-spectrum (UVA & UVB) 30 SPF mineral sunscreen - everything you need, nothing you don't

I have been in the market for a natural sunscreen so I definitely snatched this up.  This sunscreen offers amazing protection! I put this on while at an outdoor concert for hours (forgot to reapply!) and I didn't get burnt at all.  This is amazing for me, because I burn quite easily.  However, this sunscreen doesn't appear to sink into my skin.  My skin remains slick and sticky and when mixed in with sweat feels quite gross.

Price: $13.95
Would I repurchase?: No, I don't like the feeling of this product on my skin.

*Honest Body Oil

Product Description from Website:

A light, soothing blend that leaves skin silky and nourished. Made with organic oils and botanicals to feed & protect skin of all ages.

I have read about using body oils during the summer for a beautiful sheen on the skin.  I really like this oil, it absorbs quickly into the skin, moisturizes, leaves a beautiful sheen and doesn't really have a scent which I love.  However, I HATE the container!  It makes a mess.

Price:  $9.95
Would I repurchase?: Only if they change the packaging.

*Honest Conditioning Mist

Product Description from Website:

Organic, botanical conditioners strengthen, silken, and separate strands. Use anytime to calm cowlicks or kickstart curls. Knots & frizz be gone!

This is my absolute favorite product of the bunch.  It smells SO amazing and makes running a comb through my wet hair a breeze.  I really enjoy this product and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it limp.  This wouldn't be the only product I put in my damp hair, but it's definitely my favorite.

Price: $5.95
Would I repurchase?: Absolutely!

*Honest Bug Spray

Product Description from Website:

Safely repel bothersome bugs without toxic chemicals or the stink of synthetic sprays. Formulated with pure, organic essentials oils to naturally keep bugs at bay.

After doing some reading on DEET (an ingredient in a lot of bug sprays), I wanted to find an alternative bug spray immediately.  When I saw this option in the bundle I snatched it up and I REALLY like it.  It has a citrus smell, which I kind of like, and I literally have not gotten a bite or sting since I began wearing this.

Price: $12.95
Would I repurchase?: Definitely!

As you can see, there were some hits and misses from The Honest Company.  Overall, I really like this company and even got Jessica Alba's book, The Honest Life, from the library to read.  If you are looking to incorporate more natural products into your daily life I think this company is a great place to start.

Have any of you ever tried any products from The Honest Company?

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