Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hot Weather Skin Tips

   I don't know about where you live, but here in the Northeast the heat has been unbearable!  Hell, the heat has been absolutely dangerous.  For the first time in my life, I suffered from some kind of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
   I was at the beach for no more than a hour and a half and I started feeling a bit woozy.  I started walking to the car and blacked out before we even made it back to our car.  Other than worrying about our skin or hair, the most important thing is our health.  Stay hydrated and if the heat and humidity is too high, stay inside with the air conditioning!

Not many people can rock the crisco look!

  If you do have to venture out in this disgusting heat, there are some skin tips to keep in mind.

*Switch to gel products- I normally have pretty dry skin, but even I grease up in this humidity.  If you get oily in the summer, switch to a gel cleanser and gel moisturizer.

*Keep your gel products in the fridge- This way when you apply your moisturizer it provides a cooling feeling.

*Don't even try to apply makeup if you're sweaty- If you wake up sweaty, sit in front of a fan or even stick your head in the freezer!  Do anything to stop your face from sweating, because the makeup will just slip right off.

*Use a mattifying spray or primer- It's summer and we all want dewy skin, but there's a fine line between dewy and greasy.  Use a mattifying product before you apply your foundation to keep the look glowy, not slippery.

*Switch to lightweight cosmetics- This heat is not the time for a full face.  Switch to a lighter foundation or tinted moisturizer and try to cut back on powder products.

*Tan face= less foundation- When my face has a tan, I feel much more comfortable going with a super light foundation.  I don't recommend sitting out in the sun, but try a facial self tanner and watch any imperfections become way less noticeable.

*Don't powder, blot!- Powder products have a tendency to cake up during the heat.  Instead of applying powder on top of an already greasy face, try out any of the amazing blotting papers out there.

*Don't use body sunscreen on the face- Most body sunscreens are much heavier and too oily to use on the face.  There are so many great face creams with SPF's already built in, that there's no need to use a body sunscreen anyway.

These are just some of the skin care tips I've been using during this current NYC heatwave.  What is your favorite hot weather skin care/make up tip?

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