Friday, July 5, 2013

June Random Favorites

 I've decided to start another favorites series of my random favorites.  I obviously love beauty products, but a lot of the times the products that I reach for regularly are not just beauty related.  Here are some of the random products that I was reaching for all June.

*Silk Iced Latte- I've very recently become a coffee addict and lattes are just my absolute weakness.  However, neither my wallet nor my waistline can afford to consume them every morning.  I picked this up at the grocery store and it is absolute heaven!  It's very creamy and only 100 calories a serving.  I pour this over some ice and throw it into my Starbucks tumbler and it's like I went to the coffee shop.

*Slatkin & Co Summer Boardwalk Candle- I bought this candle during the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale and it is just LOVE!  It smells like sunscreen, and beach, and sea salt and sweetness all rolled into one.  A beautiful summer scent.

*Dryer Sheets- Huh?  I must be incredibly sweet blooded because mosquitoes just love to attack me.  Using dryer sheets has been my best defense against those little suckers.  I rub one all over my arms and legs and then pop another one into my pocket and I'm bug bite free.

*The Honest Company Fruit and Vegetable Wash- I've been purchasing a lot more produce at my local farmer's market and I love washing the fruits and veggies with this organic spray.  I don't think it's much more than water and vinegar, but just having it there next to the sink reminds me to properly cleanse all of my produce.

Favorite YouTuber

I've been loving the workouts from The Beach Body Mom.  They are low impact, yet effective workouts.  TMI, but I've been having a lot of breast pain lately associated with high impact workouts, and by mixing in these low impact workouts I've been feeling better.

What have been your favorite random products lately?  Any other iced coffee recommendations?

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