Saturday, August 24, 2013

Couponing Haul #2 + Mini Shoe Haul

  This week's couponing deals weren't my best, but I do like everything I've purchased so I shouldn't complain.  This week I only made couponing purchases at Target and Victoria's Secret.

*Mossimo Long & Lean Tank
Regular Price: $9
On Sale for $5
Used Cartwheel App for 15% off
Total price: $4.25

*Mossimo Boyfriend Tee (GREAT dupe for VS Pink Tees)
Regular Price: $9
On Sale for $5
Used Cartwheel App for 15% off
Total price: $4.25

*Venus Disposable Razors
Regular Price: $7.99
Coupon for BOGO Free
Price for 2 packages: $7.99

*Victoria's Secret Pink Lace Undie
Regular Price $9.50
With Coupon: FREE!

So again, not the best deals, but I love to stock up on razors during the summer since I find the sales are better now and I am now IN LOVE with the Target Long and Lean tanks.  They are the perfect length and also not as sheer as their camisoles are.


   I don't know about you, but I am a gift card hoarder.  I get plenty of gift cards for Christmas or my birthday and I'm not one to go out and spend them right away.  I prefer to save them for when I'm flat broke (such as now) yet still feel the need to go shopping or when I'm having a bit of a rough day or am stuck in a rut and need a little pick me up.

   Yesterday was one of those days where I'm not only flat broke, but I really felt down in the dumps.  I heard Lord and Taylor was having a great shoe sale and I have about $100 worth of gift cards to LT so I decided to head on over.  I'm SUPER happy with my purchases.

*Guess Black Bedazzled Flats-
Regular price: $79
Clearance Price: $25

*Sam Edelman Glittery Flats (baby's first pair of Edelmans!)
Regular Price: $90
Clearance Price: $50

I LOVE these gold glittery flats.  I've never owned a pair of the flats that have the elastic sort of opening, so I'm intrigued to see how these will wear.

Did anyone else make any couponing or sale purchases this week?

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