Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July Random Favorites

   I don't always just reach for beauty products during a month.  I also reach for a lot of random products.  Here's the "randos" I was loving in July.

*Alba Botanica: Shave Cream, Aloe Mint
I bought this during my Jersey shopping spree at Ricky's.  I love this stuff.  It looks like a hair gel and has the best fresh scent.  It really helps a razor glide over the skin and the mint I feel really helps relax my legs because it almost tingles.  

*Flat Out Rosemary and Olive Oil Flat Breads- I've been on a flat bread making roll lately and it's all because of these babies.  I don't really taste the rosemary and olive oil flavor but these are great low calorie bases for all kinds of flat breads.  My favorite is pesto, spinach, tomato, grilled chicken and a splash of balsamic.  

*My public library- Since I'm off for the summer I've gotten to read a ton and also spend a lot of time in my local library.  There selection has been incredible lately and I've been averaging about a book a week.  This book, Banished, was a great non-fiction read.

*The Krazy Coupon Lady-  Since I've started couponing again, The Krazy Coupon Lady has become my Bible lol.  I used to visit Coupon Diva, but I feel that this site is a lot more comprehensive and user friendly.

*Back to School Hair Videos- As a teacher, I still do technically have a "Back to school time".  I love the back to school tutorials that have been posted on Youtube lately, as they are heat free, easy and super quick.  I don't like to spend too much time on my hair in the mornings so these tutorials will be helpful once it's back to work time.

What were your random favorites for the month of July? Any must read books?

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