Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Random and Fashion Favorites

    My random favorites for August are about as random as they get!  Here we go...

*Monogrammed Clutch- I purchased this monogrammed clutch using a Livingsocial deal.  These monogrammed clutches are frequently seen on Livingsocial and Groupon so I wouldn't pay full price.  You get to pick the clutch and letter color and I love this!  I've gotten so many compliments on it and it's a really good size bag that holds a lot.

*Microwavable Beanbag- I've been having a lot of back and shoulder pains lately and sometimes a heating pad just isn't feasible based on the way I want to sit to get comfortable.  This baby heats up quickly and molds to whatever shape I need it to be.  I frequently see these on sale at places like TJ Maxx or Home Goods.

*Nature Republic Cotton Pads- I purchased these cotton pads during my massive Jersey haul and I didn't think I would be so obsessed with cotton pads.  They are super cheap and don't leave any cotton fibers whether I use them for toners, facial treatments or for removing nail polish.  Going to definitely look into purchasing these again!

*Beginning of college football season- If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know that I am a bit sports obsessed.  The end of August begins college football season and I already got to see my beloved Penn State Nittany Lions live!  I have been loving this website!  It has fantastic healthy recipes and great meal planning resources.  I especially love their "skinny slow cooker" recipes.  I love using my crockpot to make dinners, especially during the fall and winter, but a lot of those recipes can be super unhealthy.  This site makes some great healthy and simple crockpot recipes.

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