Sunday, September 8, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review

   I never understood how people couldn't recognize that Clark Kent was Superman. With just the absence of his trusty pair of glasses and the addition of a superhero suit, people couldn't figure that one out.  However, recently as I go out every now and then with contacts on, I understand how people could be oblivious.  On more than one occasion, people haven't been able to identify me without my glasses on.  I guess when someone wears their glasses every single day, they become identifiable by that pair.
   Ok, that's a long introduction for a glasses review- my apologies!  I wanted to add more than just one pair of glasses to my "glasses wardrobe" so I began looking into those adds that I constantly see on Facebook about "free glasses".  I settled upon had a wide variety of free glasses to choose from.  If you aren't quite sure about what style you are looking for, you can upload a picture of yourself and digitally try them on.  All you need to place an order is a copy of your prescription and your pupilary distance (the site tells you how to measure your own just in case).
   Now my glasses weren't completely free.  My prescription is so bad that I needed special lenses which cost a whopping $13.90.  So with my "special" lenses and shipping my total came out to $19.85.  For a friggin pair of glasses! Compare those to my last glasses purchase, purple Coach frames, which came out to over $300.

    I ended up ordering a pair of "nerd" glasses in tortoise shell.  I call all of those larger framed glasses nerd frames.  I did not do the digital try on, so I had no idea how they would look on my face when I received them.  Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised!
The accessories that came with my glasses.

And finally....How they look on! I LOVE them!  Definitely have to do my eye makeup differently when wearing these though.

I have no affiliation with  I'm blind as a bat and broke and needed cheap glasses so I ordered these myself.  If you are blind and/or broke I totally suggest checking out this site!

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Tammy said...

This glasses look great on you! I love my nerd glasses, but I MUST wear concealer when I wear them. I don't need another pair of glasses, but I'm going to take a look at their site anyway...

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