Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make It Stop: Fashion Edition

    A few weeks ago I watched this video by Evelina Barry on "Trends that Need to Stop".  I thought this was such a fabulous video idea, as I am very opinionated about trends that I like and trends that I can't stand.
    I decided to do a blog post on trends that I feel like need to stop.  This is just my personal opinion on these trends and I'm not meant to offend anyone.  I just thought it would be fun to see which trends people love and which trends people can't stand!


*Galaxy Print

Ughh..this is a trend I'm just not fond of.  I don't love it on sweaters, but when it's Galaxy Print leggings I just can't!  I hope this trend is on its way out with the season.


Didn't this idea go out of trend when the Spice Girls broke up?  Maybe it's because I'm short and stumpy and can't really pull this trend off, but I'd like it to go away!

*High Waisted Shorts/Pants

Again, this may just be the short and stumpy in me, but I'm not a fan of high waisted pants/shorts.  From the back I think they TOTALLY look like Mom's jeans.  Only exception to the high waisted rule, high waisted skirts! Love those.

*Neon clothes

Now this one I am going to get in trouble for because some of my best friends LOVE neon!  It's just a trend that I never got into.  Maybe it's because I'm pale and I can't pull it off or it just reminds me of some terrible 80's fashions.  Only exception to this rule for me is neon purses and shoes.  Don't know why I love those!

*Sweaters with Holes

If I'm spending money on a shirt or a sweater, it better not have any holes!  That's why I don't understand why people spend so much money for those sweaters with holes in them.  I'm not talking about a sweater with a large knit or a crochet sweater, I'm talking about the grunge holy homeless look. I like holes in my jeans, not in my tops!

These are just a few of the many fashion trends that I just hope go away and go away quickly.  Again, one or all of these trends may work for you and that's awesome!  These are just trends that I don't understand or that just don't work for me.  

Do you agree with any of these?  Disagree?  What are some of the fashion trends that you gals hate??

1 comment:

Tammy said...

I HATE high waisted pants. I also hate the itty bitty shirts that are often worn with them. Showing your ribs is sexy..?? Ehh..pass!!

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