Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Random Favorites

    While I was experimenting with a few new beauty products, I also experimented with a few new random products as well.  Here are my monthly random favorites.

*Coach Outlet Flats- I bought these cute black and pewter flats from the Coach Outlet over the summer for only $27!  I wore these the first day of work and the left one tore up the back of my foot.  AFter giving them one more try, they actually fit quite well and the padding in the bottom makes them quite comfortable for a day at work.

*Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath- My dad bought this candle for me at the beginning of September and OMG it is fabulous!  I've been on a big Slatkin & Co candle kick lately and my beloved Yankee Candle got kicked to the side.  This has changed all of that- it's a beautiful warm and comforting scent.  A huge recommendation!

*Egg Whites- I have been loving to make egg white omelettes topped with salsa and a few slices of turkey bacon as my weekend breakfast.  It's super healthy and also quite yummy.

*Kristen Gehm on Youtube- If you don't already subscribe to Kristen Gehm on Youtube, you need to.  She is so knowledgable about makeup and she seems like a genuinely sweet and happy person which I love!

What were your random favorites for the month of September?

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Tammy W. said...

I have very similar flats, but I got them from

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