Sunday, October 6, 2013

Style Sunday: Fall Wishlist

  So I was super bad this week and didn't take any pictures of my outfits, so for this installment of Style Sunday I decided to do my Fall Wardrobe Wishlist!
   Fall is my favorite season to shop and dress for.  I no longer have to worry about sweating by booty off and I can dress for comfort and fashion.

1.  Mustard Anything

Here's a trend that I love, but can be tricky.  Mustard is not always the easiest color to pull off, so I would play around with different tones of mustard if you're going to be wearing it close to your face to make sure it doesn't bring out any sallow tones in your skin.

I think mustard is just one of the ultimate fall colors and I think it's very cozy looking and chic looking at the same time.

2. Aztec cardigans

I have been loving the look of open aztec cardigans.  Throw one of these on over a plain t-shirt and you have an insta-outfit!  Be careful with proportions.  Some of these sweaters tend to be on the longer side and can drown out my fellow shorties.

3. Funky Tights

Recently I've begun watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and seeing Blair's perfect Upper East Side princess wardrobe has me craving colored and patterned tights big time!

4. Mixed Media Jacket

At first this was a trend I didn't love, but seeing more and more jackets with leather or suede sleeves has led me to become quite obsessed with them.  Express seems to have the best options!

5. Elbow Patch Sweaters

I know these were big last fall, and I see them around a lot this fall as well.  I think these Grandpa style elbow patches add something to an otherwise basic cardigan or sweater.  Any time you can add unexpected details to a basic piece, it's a plus in my book!

6. Sneaker Wedges

I don't know if these are still trendy, but I have yet to try these and I want to rock a pair so badly!  Sneakers that can give my tiny self a few inches? Yes please!

What is on your fall shopping list?  I'm always looking for more things to buy :)

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