Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Youtube Made Me Do It: Spa Brush Cleaner Dupe

   I watch tons of Youtube videos.  Ranging from tutorials, to reviews, to recipes and DIY's.  It's true that Youtube makes me purchase a lot of beauty and fashion products, but videos also lead me to trying different makeup techniques, hair styles, and DIY's.

   I want to start a blog series about things I try from Youtube, blogging or Pinterest.  My first attempt was a DIY project from Secret Life of A Bio Nerd.

  Several months ago Sigma came out with a product called the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.  It was basically a silicone glove with a series of ridges and bumps to help really deep clean your brush.  I loved the idea as I usually suck at thoroughly cleansing my brushes, but I wasn't spending $35 on it.

  Luckily, Secret Life of a Bio Nerd came out with an amazing DIY dupe which cost me literally $5!

  This board cleanses my brushes so amazingly well.  I run my larger brushes along the "bumps" and my smaller brushes over the "waves".  Mine doesn't look nearly as nice as hers, but it works!  I completely recommend this amazing DIY!

What's your favorite DIY project?  I'd love to know what to try next!


K said...

LOVE this! I also didn't think the Sigma glove was worth the price. I'm soooo looking forward to more posts in this series!

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