Friday, November 29, 2013

Sell Your Stuff!

   It's currently Black Friday and I am broke!  I spent such an obscene amount of money on gifts within the past 12 hours.  Tis the season for giving and I definitely plan on giving a lot this year!

   I'm always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks and I found a great way to do that and to clean out my closet!  It is called Twice!

   Twice is a website where women can sell their gently used name brand clothing.  The site buys clothing from brands like Gap and higher (higher end than Gap).  You can even request a pre-paid mailer from them to send them your clothes.  Prior to sending your clothes in you can search to see if they accept the brands.

   A few weeks ago I sent in 11 items of clothing.  The brands included Express, Banana Republic Outlet, Ann Taylor Loft and Gap.  About 2 weeks after I mailed in the items I got an offer via email.  Twice offered me $27 for 9 items of my clothing.  They stated the reasons they didn't accept the other 2 items and what's great is they donate these items to Good Will or I can have them sent back to me!  I opted to donate them.

  Now some of you may be saying that $27 for 9 items of clothing isn't that great.  However, these were all items that were just taking up room in my closet and I was probably just going to give them to someone anyway.  Instead, I used the prepaid mailer and made $27 that I can put towards more clothes!

  If you opt to get a store credit instead of a check than you get more money, but around this busy holiday season I need the cash.

   The store stocks some super cute items and you can really grab some bargains if you hunt around through the stock.

   When you sign up they offer you a personal invite code, mine is HERE!  This gives you $10 to shop and me! It's a win-win!

Have you ever used Twice?  What do you do with your clothes that you're sick of?

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