Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Glam Ipsy Bag

    I felt like I was on such a roll with my Ipsy bags and then came December.  This month was just a disappointment to me.  I really expected to be blown away by a holiday themed December bag and the bag was just dullsville.

*Nicka K New York Nail Color in Ripe Apple ($4.99 for received full size)- So this bottle is beautiful and the color is stunning.  I'm not big on doing my own nails, but I need to get better to save some money!  I will test this out to see how the formula is and report back!

*Mirabella Eye Blender Brush ($27 for received full size)- Wow $27 for a single eye brush?  I've only used this once and I enjoyed it a lot, but I don't know if I would pay $27 for it!

*Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Naturally Bare ($24 for 10 shadow palette- received 3 shadow palette)- I may have enjoyed this product if I didn't already own so many neutral shadows.  I'm going to try to swap this!

*Be a Bombshell's The One Stick in Sunset ($16 for received full size)- This is one of those cream blush, lip stick, multipurpose kind of sticks.  Again a product I may have liked if not for the color.  No matter how lightly I apply it, it just doesn't look right on my super pale skin.

*J Cat Beauty Big Lip Pencil in Caramel Mocha ($3.99 for received full size)- Ipsy has sent me a few big lip pencils that I end up using a lot.  This one is no exception.  I really like this super neutral color and I've become a fan of J Cat Beauty!

My favorite part of this month's Ipsy Glam Bag is actually the bag!  It's really cute and edgy and I'm going to try to find some use for it.

As the products, the value is still great.  I received approximately $64 worth of products for only $10, but considering I don't plan on using half of them- this bag wasn't my favorite!

What did you receive in your December Ipsy Bag?  Did you enjoy yours?

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