Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Random Favorites

    My random favorites for the month of November are seriously about as random as they get!


*My Filofax- So my girl Kendall has gotten me completely obsessed with the world of Filofax.  I've always been a planner nerd as I am someone who seriously needs to write stuff down to remember them.  I usually just buy a cheap planner from Barnes and Nobles come January.  However, since being introduced to my Personal Saffiano Filofax I've become more eco-friendly and more organized.  Oh, and so much cuter!

*Oil Pulling- As I've stated probably a bajillion times before, I've been trying to incorporate more natural products into my daily routine.  As I was doing research on Youtube about natural oral care I came across several videos about oil pulling.  Basically you use an organic oil as a mouth rinse and swish it around your mouth for about 15 minutes (I've only worked my way up for 5) and then spit it out (garbage can, as oil can clog pipes).  It helps leave your mouth with less bacteria and I swear my teeth look a little cleaner.  I love using my organic coconut oil for this purpose.

*Almonds- I used to swear that I hated almonds!  Like really disliked them.  I tasted them in a friends salad one day and I became instantly obsessed.  I love these almond slivers from Trader Joes that have become a great snack or a perfect topping for my morning greek yogurt.

*Jazzercise- Yes, jazzercise.  I went to a trial class last month and I was SHOCKED at what an awesome workout it was.  I like it better than zumba, since the moves are really repetitive and I can keep up.  I also like that it's 45 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of toning.  It really is an awesome work out.


*CloudyApples-  I am obsessed with this youtube page!  She is just as cute as it gets and has introduced me to tons of new natural products that I can't wait to try out!


*Just A Girl ATL- Ok, I am SO happy that my girl Kendall is back in business as a blogger.  She's gotten me so obsessed with Filofax and paper crafting in general and her tone and writing is hilarious!

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