Sunday, January 26, 2014

Treat the GIrls Right!

     Today we are going to take about….boobs.  Specifically, being measured for bras.  If you are not wearing the proper size bra, it can lead to all of your clothing looking sloppy, wear and tear on the girls and back and shoulder pain.

     Within the past few months I have noticed that my bra straps have not been fitting properly, usually popping up off of my shoulder.

This in conjunction with the fact that my bra cups have felt too big, led to me going to my local Victoria's Secret to get measured for a bra.  Turns out, I have been wearing the long size for a long time!!

Here's a helpful video on how to measure yourself for your bra size:

Here are some helpful tips to remember when considering purchasing a bra:

*When you first purchase a bra it should fit well closed on the first clasp.  The bra will stretch a bit over time and that's when you should be using the second or third clasp.

*Make sure the cup lays flat against the fullest part of your breast.  If not, it will be visible under almost any shirt.

*When you first purchase a bra, you shouldn't have to adjust the straps more than half way up your shoulder.  Again, it will stretch over time and if you have to pull the strap all the way back from the beginning, you won't be able to adjust it further when it stretches.

*Don't worry about sizes!!  Wearing a bra too small or too big because you're stuck on being a particular size is not going to make the girls look bigger or smaller.

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