Sunday, February 16, 2014

My First Fortune Cookie Soap Box: Spring 2014 Edition

    I feel like I'm a subscription box whore- I bounce from box to box!  I don't want to waste money on a variety of subscription boxes, so I like to experiment and give a box or bag a try for 6 months- a year. I have yet to find a box that made me want to stick with it, so on to the next one I go.

    I've heard a lot about The Soap Box from Fortune Cookie Soap and I wanted to give it a whirl.  Boxes ship out 4 times a year for $19.99.  Each box has a different theme that usually goes along with the season.  Previous box themes have included Nightmare Before Christmas, Grinch and Hunger Games.

   The boxes include 8 mini sized products containing exclusive Fortune Cookie Soap (FCS) products.  The products vary from body butters, body washes, soaps, shampoo bars and various other bath and body products.  Each box also includes a $10 gift certificate to use on the site- awesome!

  So take a look into my first FCS Soap Box which was broken into the "Goods and the Evils".

The Goods

Oddly enough I LOVED all of the "good" products and was not a fan of the scent of the "evil" products.

*Native Nectar Body Wash- Fresh, cracked coconut.
Oh lord this stuff smells amazing!  I adore the smell of coconut so this was an instant hit for me.

*Afternoon Delight OCD- Pink watermelon dancing with fresh apricots, crowned in white florals.
OCD is their version of hand sanitizer and this stuff smells AMAZING.  It sort of reminds me of that strawberries and champagne scent from VS.  This automatically went into my purse.

*Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter- Lavender sprigs draped over sage and basil, livened with a splash of vodka, and a swirl of sticky sweet marshmallow fluff.
This scent reminds me of a sweet and "garden" scent combined.  This stuff is super emollient is really needed for this horrible Northeast weather.

The Evils

The evil products had a very hippy floral type of scent which is not my cup of tea, but I will be trying a few of these products and probably giving a few away.

*Venus Fly Perfume Oil- Bargamot, narcaisse and musk lurk beneath delicate notes of water orchid, sparkling lemon and pink jasmine.
This is a very heavy type of scent with subtle notes of jasmine and citrus.  If it was more on the jasmine/citrus side I would be all over it, but I don't care for this scent.

*Make it Rain Whipped Cream- Sparkling droplets of citrus and jasmine dripping with musk, clutched by bloated cedar wood boughs.
Again, this scent isn't my cup of tea but it's the most doable of the "evil" products and I really want to see if I like the body butter to order it in a  different scent so I will be using this little guy.

*The Bloom Bloom Room Bath Fizzy- A sinfully sweet combination of jasmine, lilac and lilly of the valley darkened with throbbing musical notes of fresh peach and citrus, all swirling around poles of decadent spun sugar.
This is a bit floral for my liking, but it does have a sweet note to it as well so I do like it.

*Me So Thorny Steam Me Up Scotty!- Citrus, lavender and french vanilla corrupted by a dark shadow of patchouli and sandalwood.
This is a product that you put in your shower out of the stream of the water and the scent fills your shower.  I don't smell the citrus, lavender or vanilla in this one at all and only smell the super strong scents of patchouli and sandalwood.  This will be one I'm giving away.

*Forbidden Fruit Fortune Cookie Soap- Dusky verbena creeping over fresh blueberry skins and lemon zest.
This soap is strange, at first scent I don't like it, but then on second whiff I enjoy it.  And seriously, how cute is this damn soap???

Are you a subscriber to the Fortune Cookie Soap Box? Have you ever tried anything from their line?  I think I'm hooked to some of these products already!

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