Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silk Naturals Haul

   As I've been watching more and more natural beauty videos, I've been hearing about Silk Naturals more and more.  I decided to place an order to test out the brand a variety of their products.  I love that they offer sample sizes (and not baggies) for so many of their products!

Cream Products

Slick Stick in St. Tropez- $4.50
Kiss Slicker in Rare Berry (flavored lip gloss)- $4.50
Cream Blush in Amuse- $4.50
Pucker Polish Lip Scrub-  $3.75

St. Tropez
Rare Berry
Cream Blush in Amuse

HOLY Pigmentation!!  These cream products are amazing and I love the shine that the lip products give.  Can't wait to see how these wear on the lips.

Face Products and One Eye Product

Eye color in Meme-soft lavender- Free
Bronzer in Tahiti Sweetie (dupe for Benefit's Hoola)- $1.25
Blush in Climax (dupe for Nar's Orgasm)- $1.25
Halo sample- Free
HD Peach Concealer Sample (dupe for Eve Pearl's Salmon)- $0.99
Cream Concealer in Shade 2 Sample- $0.99
N30 HD Foundation Sample- $0.99
N20 HD Foundation Sample- $0.99

Meme Shadow
Tahiti Sweetie Bronzer
Climax Blush

The pigmentation on the bronzer is amazing!!  But the shadow and the blush leave A LOT for the imagination.  Yes, I do have the blush swatted to the left of the bronzer.  Can't see it? Neither can I!  Of course I'll play around with it, but it appears that the clear winner of this bunch is the bronzer!

Silk Naturals is a brand that I plan on purchasing more lip colors from and hopefully some full size face products as well.  I just can't jump on the loose shadow bandwagon just yet.

Have you ever tried anything from Silk Naturals?  Any recommendations?

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