Saturday, May 24, 2014

The 411 on Bikini Waxing

   Warmer temps have finally reached NYC and it would appear they are here to stay.  With summer and beach season only a few weeks away it's time to think about bathing suit shopping.  I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind for me with bathing suit shopping is my bikini area.

    I have previously tried laser hair removal on my bikini area, and it didn't fully take.  It worked a bit where my hair takes longer to grow in, but didn't remove my hair fully.  For this summer season I decided to invest in a waxing package at my local European Waxing Center.

   Here are some tips that I've picked up along the way from doing some research, from personal experience and from my waxing tech.

Before Waxing

Research!  This is a very private area and you want to find a clean and knowledgable salon.
The night or morning before I would recommend exfoliating your bikini area with a light exfoliant.  
Don't apply any lotions or oils to that area the day of your wax.
I go to my waxing appointment after work, so I always make sure to powder that morning.  
30 minutes prior to your appointment pop two Advils.  It'll take the edge off.
Plan to wear a looser pair of undies and bottoms.  You want that area to be able to breathe post waxing.

During Your Wax

✦ Don't worry.  The person doing your wax has more than likely seen it ALL!
✦ Make sure the waxing tech is wearing gloves.
✦ Make sure the spatula (aka popsicle stick) is a new one.  If you don't see the tech open a new tool or take a new one out, ask them to do so.  
✦ Listen to the tech.  She may tell you to help pull skin taut or to get in a position that seems crazy.  If you did your research and picked  good place, they know what they are doing!
✦ Communicate what you want.  If you want it all gone, tell them that.
✦ Take a deep breath prior to the strip being pulled off.  It helps- a tiny bit.

After Your Wax

✦ Try not to take a shower for a while.  If you have to, make it a cool one.  I made the mistake of taking a hot shower after a wax in an attempt to remove wax residue, OMG PAIN!
✦ Refrain from working out for the next few hours- it won't be comfortable.
✦ Invest in and regularly apply an ingrown hair serum or cream.
✦ Refrain from using scented lotions and creams down there.
✦ Lightly exfoliate your bikini area 2-3 times a week to help prevent ingrowns.
✦ If you plan on making waxing a regular thing, don't shave in between appointments!  It will make the hair more brittle and difficult to wax.
✦ Again, if you plan on making waxing a regular thing stick with your appointments every 2-3 weeks in the beginning.  Hair will eventually begin to thin and grow in less.

Any tips or tricks you can share for bikini waxes?  It's not a pleasant experience, but in my eyes it beats shaving everyday! 

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