Friday, June 6, 2014

Fitness Friday: My Latest Urthbox

  Last week I received my last Urthbox.  I purchased only a 3 month subscription, and while I actually enjoyed this snack box, I can't justify spending the $30 a month on a box where I don't like 2-3 products.  They now have a $19 option where you can receive 7-10 products, which can possibly me an option for me in the future.

  Of course my last box, is my favorite so far!  Here's what I got:

Salty Goodies

*Cobra Corn (popcorn) with Bombay Seasoning
*Ips White Cheddar Egg White Chips (supposedly a healthy dupe for the popular white cheddar popcorn- haven't tried these yet!)
*Super Treats Chili Lime Kale + Chia Chips- I have yet to try pre-made kale chips and can't wait to try these!
*The Good Bean Sea Salt Chickeas- THESE.ARE.LOVE.

Sweet Treats

*Chime's Orange Ginger Chews
*New York Date bar in Apple
*Frontier Brand Protein Bar
*Nana's Pound Cake Cookie- My favorite so far..of course the unhealthiest of the healthy bunch!


*Stur Proudly Tea and Lemon Water Flavor- I'm not a tea or lemon gal, so I gave this to a co-worker.
*Chia Drunk in Strawberry Citrus- I've wanted to try a chia drunk for a while and this one is only 50 cals!

So all in all, I was very pleased with my Urthbox, I just can't justify spending the money at the moment.  At this point in time I would rather buy a random product or two at Whole Foods to test out.

Any snack box subscription recommendations? 

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