Friday, June 20, 2014

Fitness Friday: Prepping For Your FIrst "Fun" 5K

   Tomorrow I am running my first 5k.  It's not a normal 5k, it's a themed one.  Themed 5k's seem to be all the rage and I'm really excited that my first 5k is a bit on the crazy side.  Here's what I'll be doing tomorrow:

Other than turning yourself into a runner and engaging in upper and lower body physical training (the obvious!)  here are some tips to help you run your best race and have the best time:

*Don't try a new breakfast the day of the race.  Stick with what you usually have, but try to add a bit more protein to it.  I've read a lot of sites that recommend a greek yogurt and fruit smoothie.

*Don't eat within 2 hours of the race.  Digesting and running = cramping.

*Don't wear anything new.  This is not the time to be breaking in new shoes, trying a new sports bra or new socks.  Go with what you have been training in.

*Don't workout the night before.  If you must, go for a bit of a walk, but take it easy the night before and even the few days before a race.  Any soreness will really be amplified the day of the race.

*I've seen the myth that marathon runners eat a giant bowl of pasta the night before the race.  Well, that's not necessarily recommended but eating a decent amount of carbs the night before is important.  Just have it in regular portion sizes, and not giant ones.

*Don't drink too much before the race.  Nothing sucks as bad as having to pee in the middle of a race.

*Bring garbage bags.  In the case of my race I will need garbage bags to put my muddied up clothing in and to possibly sit on in the car on the way home.

*For a themed race, dress up and get into it!  My friends and I should've gotten shirts made, but instead we are wearing the same colors and the same bandanas.  Make it fun!

*Set some goals for yourself.  This being my first 5k and having a lot of obstacles in it, my only goal is to finish with participating in every obstacle.  Let's see how it goes!!

Any pre-race tips for a 5k?  Based on how I feel tomorrow night and Sunday, I plan on participating in more!

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